Brand Scientists

The fusion of Ant Foy and Mike Gaal

With extensive strategic and creative experience across the healthcare sector, Foy\Gaal makes brands look, feel and perform better.

Our goal is to work closely with a handful of clients at a senior level and make a valuable contribution to their business by applying creativity cleverly. We are not an agency. But we can deliver all the usual things an agency can, and then some.

Ant has nearly 30 years experience in healthcare advertising, while Mike has spent over 25 years in the design and digital space. Together they bring a rare level of strategic insight and creative nous to the table.

the Brand Scientists

Ant Foy

Mike Gaal

Successful synthesis

Over the past five years, we’ve launched new brands, relaunched old brands, created brand identities and reinvigorated sales teams.

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Brand Scientists

Ant Foy

Beginning his career in healthcare advertising back in 1988, it’s fair to say Ant has worked with a vast array of brands, categories and people.

Following the completion of a Business Communications degree, Ant began working as a copywriter in mainstream advertising in Sydney before joining Curtis Jones & Brown a couple of years later and beginning his adventure in healthcare advertising.

In 1995, Ant moved to Melbourne to help establish McCann Healthcare. Under Ant’s leadership as Creative Director, and later National Creative Director and General Manager (Melbourne), McCann Healthcare was one of the most highly awarded healthcare agencies in the world.

One of the things that sets Ant apart is his ability to grapple with intricate technical and strategic details and ‘translate’ them into elegant, compelling messages.

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Brand Scientists

Mike Gaal

Even before becoming a designer over 25 years ago, Mike has been driven by the belief that nearly everything in life can be improved by clever design.

Mike’s expertise extends from brand identity through to the creation of multi-platform campaigns and even retail/environmental design.

By understanding the integral role that design plays in how people relate to brands and, in turn, how that can have a positive impact on a client’s business, Mike brings a strong strategic foundation to his craft.

Mike saw the enormous potential of digital technology and new media when they were still in their infancy, and has championed the need for strong brand congruence across traditional and new media ever since.

As well as healthcare clients, Mike has worked with a diverse range of organisations, from Telstra, NAB, McDonalds and Intel through to the Carlton Football Club and Attica.

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Brand Scientists


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